Analytics is a great way to see where your potential clients are coming from and how well your virtual tour is doing.

The following numbers are displayed on the analytics page.

  • Visits
    Number of times a published tour has been viewed
  • Unique
    Number of unique users who have viewed the published tour
  • Sources
    • The URL of the website that led to the published tour.
    • The number of visits for each source is displayed in the sources column.
    • Direct Visit is the number of times the tour was accessed from a source other than a web page (e.g., PC, smartphone application).

If you want to see the analytics results of all the tours published by your team

  1. Select a team
  2. Click on the hc_icon_analysis.pngAnalytics button to view the results.



If you want to see the analytics results for each tour you have published

  1. Select a team
  2. Click thehc_icon_tours.png[Tours] button
  3. Select the tour you want to see the analytics result
  4. Click Analytics to view the analytics results



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