AI Video Maker

AI Video Maker

The AI Video Maker automatically generates a marketing video for real estate properties from existing 360˚ images through Artificial Intelligence. There are no limitations on the number of marketing videos produced per account.

A sample RICOH360 Tour & its video generated by AI Video Maker can be found below.


Here are the steps to generate your AI Video:

  1. Log into the management console at
  2. Select the tour you would like to create a video for
  3. Select Screen_Shot_2021-03-02_at_5.04.19_PM.png in the upper right
  4. Select AI Video Maker from the drop down
  5. Select up to 15 images my clicking on each image
  6. Select Execute to generate your video

Your video will be emailed to the email set for your account. When you receive the email, simply click on the download link and your MP4 video will be downloaded to your desktop to your default download location.

Once created you can download your AI Video to your desktop in the form of an MP4 video. 



Main highlights of AI Video Maker

1. Generate videos from virtual tours

Anyone can easily create a marketing video with no additional effort or cost. Since AI generates videos from virtual tours with the touch of a button, it reduces the time and cost previously spent on creating videos.

2. AI technology automates the entire process

RICOH's AI technology has learned from the vast amount of visual data accumulated since the launch of the RICOH THETA. The AI is able to identify points of interest that customers like from millions of 360˚ property images and automatically generates a video. This Marketing Video created by the AI Video Maker is unique and appealing to the viewers that can be used for your marketing efforts.

3. Social Media sharing

Share on any social networking sites, portals, and YouTube.



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