STEP 2 Brush up your tour with Tour Paths & Floor Plans --- using Web App

There are 2 great features you can use to edit your tour.

  1. Tour Paths
  2. Floor Plans

Now that we know how to shoot 360 images from STEP 1, it's time to enhance your tour using Tour Paths. In this step you will learn to make your tour more attractive.

It's best to use a computer for this step because the Tour Paths are easier to set on a computer with a larger screen than on a smartphone.


Sign In to your RICOH360 Tours account using your computer


What are Tour Paths??

Tour Paths is a function that allows you to move back and forth between images.
You can see the room as if you were actually walking through it.


1. How to add Tour Paths


  1. Select the tour you would like to add Tour Paths to
  2. Clickimage1.png in the upper right corner of the screen
  3. Click on the thumbnail of the image you want to add paths to. The image will be displayed in the From window on the left.
  4. Drag and drop the thumbnail of the image you want to move to onto the image in the FROM window on the left, and an arrow icon will appear.
  5. You can change the position of the arrow by dragging and dropping the arrow icon.

On the Right window, the room you are moving to (Return path) will display. You can reposition the arrow on the right image to the area you just came from so that when your client moves to that room they can go back to the room they just came from.

Continue steps 3-5 for each room that you want to create tour paths for.


2. How to edit your tour using Floor Plans

Uploading Floor Plans


  1. Select the tour you would like to add a floor plan to
  2. Click Floor Plans
  3. Click Add 
  4. Drag and drop the .jpg image data or click Upload Floor Plans to upload it
  5. Enter the name of the floor plan in Floor Plan Name
  6. Click the Done
You can upload multiple floor plans. If you have more than one floor, follow the steps above to upload them.

Linking images to the floor plan


  1. Drag and drop the thumbnail images and place them in the Floor Plan.
  2. Select Done  


~3 STEPS to create your own tour!~

STEP1 : Create a tour by capturing your own 360° images --- using Mobile App

STEP2 : Brush up your tour with Tour Paths & Floor Plans --- using Web App 

STEP3 : Complete and share your virtual tour --- using Web App! ←Next!

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