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Creating a tour on Android using a RICOH THETA

In this article you will find all of the steps necessary to create your RICOH360 Tours account and how to create your first tour. 

If you have not downloaded the RICOH360 Tours app Screen_Shot_2020-11-09_at_3.26.45_PM.png please download it from the Android Play Store. Make sure your RICOH THETA has been fully charged. 

Create your RICOH360 Tours account

  1. Launch the RICOH360 Tours app by tapping on the icon under your application folder
  2. Tap Sign up
  3. If requested, Tap Enable Storage Access
  4. If requested, Tap Allow so RICOH360 Tours can access the photos on your device
  5. Type in your Full Name and tap Next
  6. Type in your Email and tap Next
  7. Type in your Password
  8. Check that you have read and accept our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
  9. Tap Sign up
  10. Tap Launch App or Manage Plan if you would like to create a subscription
  11. Tap Open
  12. Login with your email and password you just created

Create a tour

  1. Tap NEW TOUR
  2. Type in the name of your tour and Address(s) for your listing and tap Next
  3. Type in the address fields
  4. Verify that your information is correct
  5. Tap DONE

Allow the RICOH THETA camera to access the RICOH Tours app

  1. Write down your passphrase, this is the 8 digits located on the bottom of your camera - do not include the letters. It will also be displayed as part of your WiFi device name in WiFi settings.
  2. Power on your THETA and make sure your wifi signal is displayed
  3. Go to your Android device's settings app
  4. Tap on Connections
  5. Tap on Wifi
  6. Select the THETA from your list of wifi devices
  7. You will be asked for your THETA's password.  See step 1 above. Once connected, exit the Android settings app.
  8. Tap Connect
  9. Launch the RICOH360 Tours app.
  10. Select the tour to add photos to
  11. Tap Add Photo
  12. Tap on box for the THETA
  13. Tap Allow for RICOH Tours to access your devices location
  14. Wait a few seconds for your camera to connect to your phone.  A preview of the room will display on your screen.


Add 360 images using your THETA camera

  1. If a preview is not showing, tap Add Photo and select THETAı
  2. Tap the Shutter icon, Screen_Shot_2020-11-09_at_3.51.14_PM.png  your camera will take a 360 image and display it on your Android device when complete
  3. Select a room label, or type in one of your choice
  4. Tap Done 

Congratulations! You have added the first 360 image to your tour.



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