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Creating a tour on iPhone/iPad using a Theta

In this article you will find all of the steps necessary to create your RICOH360 Tours account and how to create your first tour. 

If you have not downloaded the RICOH360 Tours app Screen_Shot_2020-11-09_at_3.26.45_PM.png please download it from the App Store. Make sure your RICOH THETA has been fully charged. 

Create your RICOH360 Tours account

  1. Using your browser, type
  2. Tap Sign up
  3. Tap Enable Storage Access if requested
  4. Tap Allow so RICOH360 Tours can access the photos, media and files on your device
  5. Type in your Name
  6. Type in your Email
  7. Type in your Password 
  8. After reviewing, check the box to accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
  9. Tap Sign Up
  10. Tap Launch App
  11. Tap Open
  12. Login to your newly created account

Create a tour

  1. Tap New Tour
  2. Type in the name of your tour
  3. Type in your address information
  4. Verify that your information is correct
  5. Tap Done

Add Your RICOH THETA camera 

  1. Power on your THETA
  2. Press the Wireless button on your THETA if it is not already illuminated
  3. Exit and launch the Apple Settings app
    1. Select Wi-Fi
    2. Select the Wi-Fi entry for your THETA
    3. Enter the password for your THETA (can be found on the bottom of your camera - numbers only if you see YP30 12356, your password is 3012356. It will also be the #'s in your wifi device name
    4. Tap Join
  4. Return to the Ricoh Tours app
  5. Tap OK when you see the "THETA connected!" screen

Add 360 images using your THETA camera

  1. Tap Add Photos if preview is not showing and select THETA
  2. Tap the Shutter icon, Screen_Shot_2020-11-09_at_3.51.14_PM.png  your camera will take a 360 image and display it on your iOS device when complete
  3. Select a room label, or type in one of your choice
  4. Tap Done 

Congratulations! You have added the first 360 image to your tour.


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