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Why are my tours and images not showing up on the server?

Please reconfirm the connection status between RICOH THETA and your smartphone.

Is the camera’s wireless function turned on? (Wireless lamp lit)

It may be possible to connect by switching the camera’s Wi-Fi button off and then back to on, and repeating the connection process.

If it still does not connect, tap “THETA******” displayed in the Wi-Fi settings screen, disconnect/delete the network, and try the connection procedures again from the beginning. You will need to add your password to the THETA again, which can be found on the bottom of your THETA, all the numbers without the letters, for example, if you see YP30 123456, your password is 30123456

If that does not work, you may not be able to connect for the following reasons:

  • You may be connected to another nearby device. Turn off Wi-Fi connections to other devices and switch the camera’s wireless button to off and then back to on.
  • There may be electromagnetic interference from a microwave oven, 2.4 GHz band cordless phone, indoor wireless LAN device, or other device.
  • The Wi-Fi connection may have disconnected for some reason. Configure the Wi-Fi settings again from the settings screen.

If you are still unable to connect, please try updating the firmware of THETA.

For the procedure of firmware update and connection between RICOH THETA and smartphone, please visit .

If you are still unable to connect after checking the above, please contact us.


Why is my RICOH THETA not connecting to the mobile app?

  1. Check to make sure your RICOH THETA is powered on and WiFi is enabled.
  2. Make sure that your mobile device is connected to the THETA WiFi

What cameras are supported for the RICOH360 Tours app?

Currently you can use your iPhone/iPad camera, Android camera and a RICOH THETA models S, SC, SC2, V and Z1. However, the photos from your iPhone/iPad or Android camera's will not be 360 photos.

How do I create a tour?

If you have a supported mobile device you can follow these step-by-step instructions for each device.

How do I preview a tour that I just created?

On your mobile device select the tour you would like to preview and select the settings (3dots2.jpg) for that tour.  There will be an option to grab the link to your tour. In any web browser, paste the link and view your tour.

On the Management Console at you can view your listing by clicking on the Screen_Shot_2019-09-12_at_2.36.24_PM.png at the top of your screen.

How do I share a tour?

On your mobile device you can select the tour you want to share and select settings (3dots2.jpg) on iOS or share (Screen_Shot_2019-08-06_at_12.35.26_PM.png) for Android. You can grab the link or share it however you would like with your available share options.

For additional sharing options, please refer to these help center articles.  Sharing from the Management Console or sharing from the mobile app.

Why am I unable to view my tour with the tour link?

It's probably because your tour is not 'active'. Check the state of your tour and if it is inactive, set it to active using the tour options found by tapping on3dots2.jpg in the upper right corner.

It could also be that your tour has not sync'd to the server yet.

Are you having problems connecting your RICOH THETA camera to a Samsung device?

If so, please review the article on troubleshooting found here.

Is Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) supported?

In 2016 Microsoft decided to end-of-life IE. In January of 2020 Microsoft will no longer provide security updates. For these reasons IE is not supported with RICOH360 Tours and it is recommended you move your browser to Microsoft Edge.


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