Management Console release notes

Release Date 7.29.2021

Release Version 2.20.0 

  • Ability to blur photos 
  • Bug Fix - Images selected for AI staging may not be displayed on Select Room Type dialog 
  • Bug Fix - Subscription renewal could fail depending on the card specifications

Release Date 7.15.2021

Release Version 2.19.0

  • AI Virtual Staging 
  • New pricing model 
  • Fixed Japanese wording
  • First name and last name order for private information form (CTA) in Japanese
  • French translation for Lead Generator
  • Fix modal height in embed tour
  • Bug Fix - Large 2D images can't be displayed when browsing public tours on mobile
  • Bug Fix - Header layout is broken for long team name
  • Bug Fix - Move tour can be clicked even if the account has only one team

Release Date 6.30.2021
Release Version 2.18.0

  • Call To Action - Lead Generation
  • PNG Support - Tripod, Avatar and FloorPlan.
  • Keep the view point when switching to edit mode.
  • Change the hover color for secondary button to grey
  • Improved room name display in the tour path icon
  • Improved visibility by adding shadows to photo names
  • Bug Fix - Tour path clicks too difficult to recognize
  • Bug Fix - URL is shown as the name of the tour path
  • Bug Fix - The photo name in the tour path icon was displayed only in the middle
  • Bug Fix - Next / previous button is disappeared in small embed tour

Release Date 5.27.2021

Release Version 2.17.0

  • General Performance enhancements and bug fixes
  • Bug Fix - Fixed embedded tour layout on mobile 

Release Date 5.13.2021

Release Version 2.16.0

  • Each tour set of 50 will create a new page under Tours View in the Management Console.
  • Improvement to login screen.
  • Bug fix for Move Tour error when selecting member. 
  • Bug fix background of screen being highlighted red
  • Bug fix for notifications appearing behind the Tour View in the Management Console 
  • Bug fix Move Tour error 
  • Bug fixes - general UI and performance improvements


Release Date 4.22.2021

Release Version  2.15.0

  • Support German language
  • Improved functionality on switching photos on starting view 
  • Rotate the background 360 image by dragging the path to both ends
  • General Bug Fixes and performance improvement


Release Date 4.8.2021

Release Version  2.14.0

  • New mobile Management Console - You can now access the Management Console on your mobile browser
  • Display Saving status when editing a tour
  •  Continuous Zoom - Long press of the zoom in our out icons
  • The Starting View mode can be selected even before the image is selected
  • Tour menu items improvement for deactivated tours. 
  • Dynamic Crop Frame  - Now crop frame is dynamically sized. 
  • Bug fix - Member listing is off to the left
  • Bug fix - Corrected arrow icon for embedded tour - effecting full size tour
  • Bug fix - Floor plan moving when it should not. 


Release Date 3.24.21
Release Version 2.13.0

  • Annotations - You can now add text or image annotations to call out items or features in the property
  • Ability to change the starting view of your 360 photo 
  • Improvement on Tour Path and Floor Plan labeling  

Release Date 3.16.2021 

Release Version 2.12.0

  • Ability to switch floorplan on published tour if there are multiple floorplans in the tour.
  • Export 2D now offers various aspect ratio options for cropping the 2D image
  • Bug Fixes corrected the preview icon of the tour

Release Date 3.10.2021

Release Version 2.11.0

  • Tour path creation has been redesigned.
  • Big Fix - selecting items mistakenly when cursor is hovering
  • General back end bug fixes and performance improvements 

Release Date 3.4.2021

Release Version 2.10.0

  • AI Video Maker released 

Release Date 2.25.2021

Release Version 2.90

  • Ability to set banner ad
  • Bug fix - Tour path and cursor not responding on the left side of the screen when viewing tour on web. 
  • Bug Fix - Zoom in and out included on embedded tour viewer 

Release Date 2.10.2021

Release Version 2.8.0

  • New Panorama Viewer 
  • Enhanced image transitions between tour locations
  • Enhancement to the Zoom functionality. The range has been increased and Zoom in and out buttons available
  • SNS Sharing on tour viewer - The tour viewer can now share directly from the tour. Options to share  to Facebook, Linkedin, Mail Client and Copy URL now available at viewer level.
  • Bug fix for MLS issues on unbranded Tours 
  • Bug fix for incorrect error message on check out


Release Date 1.21.2021

Release version 2.6.1 

  • General back end bug fixes and platform enhancements.

Release Date 1.14.2021

Release Version 2.5.0

  • Added the ability to move a tour from one team to another. 
  • Bug Fix - Unbranded tour was showing tour creator information when shared to Facebook.
  • Bug Fix - When a large number is entered in Year Built in Edit Details and saved, the error message “Something went wrong” is displayed
  • General back end bug fixes and improvements. 


Release Date 1.7.2021

Release Version 2.4.0

  • Added a new field for Tour Name
  • Address line 1 no longer required
  • Bug Fix - Error or on empty input field. This has been removed. 


Release Date 12.18.2020

Release Version 2.2.2 

  • Bug Fix - The unbranded tour link copied from Copy Unbranded Link was being rejected in MLS portal.

Release Date 12.11.2020

Release version 2.2.1 

  • Bug fix for preview image for sharing to Facebook and SMS

Release Date 12.10.2020 

Release version 2.2.0

  • Prevent full screen view from closing
  • Floor plan size setting in viewer cannot be kept after moving to next room
  • Add company/individual selection to payment info
  • Improve redirection setting for
  • The error text layout for failed uploads corrected
  • Error message for account email, when entered address already exists 

Release Date 11.19.2020

Release Version 2.0.1

  • Fix link of help page for invite members 

  • Bug Fix incorrect wordings

  • Bug Fix back button on Checkout

  • Bug Fix duplicated autocomplete for country fields 

  • Update link of terms and privacy policy 

  • Improve French text


  • Fix bug that image enhancement value is not reflected in some cases

  • Fix detail design and layouts

Release Date 10.10.2020

Release Version 2.0.0

  • Product rebranding of icons and overall look and feel
  • Image Enhancement

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