Cancellation of subscriptions

This page is about the price plan before July 14.

Subscription Cancellation 

  • While you can cancel your monthly or annual subscription, they are not refundable.
  • When you cancel your subscription, it will remain in effect until the renewal date of your subscription.
  • Your subscription will remain in effect until the next contract renewal date.
  • At the end of your subscription term, your content will no longer be visible when you click on the tour URL 
  • Any tours that you have created, will remain in your account in the event that you would like to renew your subscription at a later time.
  • Data will only be removed if you delete your account,

You can cancel your subscription using the Management Console.  Log into your account using a computer at

  1. Click settings Screen_Shot_2020-11-09_at_1.29.55_AM.png
  2. Click Cancel Subscription
  3. Enter your password
  4. Click Cancel Subscription


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