Setting up a Brand Banner

By setting up a Brand Banner, you can brand your virtual tour with the image of your choice, company logo, image of yourself, etc. You can add a link to your banner that your clients can click to be redirected to a webpage of your choice.

Banners are created at a Team level. You can have a banner for each Team. Members of each Team will share the Team banner. 

The Brand Banner will appear in the upper left of your tour when your clients visit your tour.  When they select the image it will be directed to the URL that you put as your Brand Banner.

  1. Log into your account in the Management Console at
  2. Select your Team in the upper left corner if not already selcted
  3. Select Screen_Shot_2021-02-22_at_10.12.07_PM.pngfor settings
  4. Under Brand Banner choose your image 
  5. Type in your URL that you would like to direct your clients to
  6. Select SAVE


This is what your clients will see when viewing your tour:


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